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How does HST work for new properties

How does HST work for new properties?

Hi there - I am a real estate investor and I want to know how to find out if I have to pay HST on my property?  If so, how much will the HST be for my investment property?AnswerIf a property is new construction (as opposed to resale), HST on the property must be paid to the CRA at the time of title transfer and final closing.   If you are purchasing a new build preconstruction ...
Getting Help with the GST and HST Rebate Process logo HSTRelief 03(4)

Getting Help with the GST and HST Rebate Process

Did you know that thousands of eligible investors in Ontario have forgone their right to file for their HST rebate? The CRA is currently in possession of tens of millions of dollars paid in HST on real estate that could be claimed by either Canadians or foreign investors (that’s right ...

HST Rebate for AirBnB

188.jpgBy PHatrick0 comments
I understand that you must rent an investment property in order to qualify for the HST rental rebate.  Can I show my earnings from Airbnb (I am claiming it in my taxes with CRA) to get the rebate ...AnswerGood question.  The Rental Rebate requirements to get the rebate portion of HST back ask for the submission of a 1 year lease agreement to CRA along with the application.  If you do not submit ...

I got $18,000 in HST back!

I bought a condo from Liza developments and as soon as I closed on the property, HST Relief filed with CRA to get my money back.  It was an excellent experience and I am happy that HST Relief was there to help! I would have no idea how to navigate the forms myself.

Home bought for an investment and HST in Ontario

My question is - is the HST due for new construction only apply to new condos or also applies to a home that I bought as an investment?  The home is not in Toronto but in Barrie and is new constr ...AnswerYes, HST is applied to all new construction real estate in Ontario.  The same amount of HST is due whether or not you have purchased a new construction condo, townhouse or house anywhere in Ontario. ...
How Do I Find Out How Much HST I Have to Pay logo HSTRelief 03(7)

How Do I Find Out How Much HST I Have to Pay?

How do you find out how much HST you will have to pay when you are using a new construction residence for anything other than a primary residence?   First, call us at HST Relief: Rebates and Loans for a free consultation about what expenses you can expect on closing of an investment ...

Costs for the HST of new home rental investment property

827.jpgBy RobyaC0 comments
Hi,   My client is purchasing a new home from a builder.  What additional costs should they plan for?AnswerGreat question.  Usually your solicitor or real estate lawyer is a good person to explain all the costs associated with closing on an investment property.  When you are buying new construction, ...

Investment properties line of credit (loc) in Canada

916.jpgBy DDMunk0 comments
Can I get a line of credit to help me with some of the expenses and HST and other closing costs for my new investment income property that I purchased in Ontario?AnswerTechnically, the schedule A banks are not mandated to lend for tax-related purposes, which means that a bank will not provide a line of credit to cover the HST due on closing.  Mortgages can not be ...
Discover the Details of Filing for an HST Rebate logo HSTRelief 03(15)

Discover the Details of Filing for an HST Rebate

Filing for an HST Rebate   Are you an investor who has recently purchased a new build investment property? If this is the case, chances are, you are more than familiar with the HST that had to be paid in full by the time of the final closing. You may also be aware of your possible ...
How Does HST Affect My Condo logo HSTRelief 03(1)

How Does HST Affect My Condo?

The vast majority of real estate developers in Ontario include the HST rebate in the sale price of new condo when they release their new developments for sale to the general public. In the many pages of the legal document known as the Agreement of Purchase and Sale that the purchaser ...

Is there HST payback on my investment property?

I heard I can get some of the money I paid for the HST on my new investment property as a sort of payback.  How can I get this HST back?AnswerYes, if you are purchasing a new construction property to be used as an investment, then you will both 1) owe a portion of the HST on final closing and 2) be able to get this money back by filing for a ...

How much HST do you pay on a new home in Caledonia?

916.jpgBy DDMunk0 comments
I bought a new home in Caledonia, Ontario from a developer called Empire.  It won't be closing for a while, but I want to be prepared with how much HST I will owe on closing.  How much HST ...AnswerGood question.  The amount of HST due on closing is a portion of the total HST - some is included on the sticker price you sign with the builder and some is due on closing.  These calculations are ...

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