Renovating your home? Get $16,000 in HST back.

By HST Relief
Renovating your home? Get $16,000 in HST back.
Those who have made it through the home renovation process always have things they'd do differently.  Here are some key pieces of advice we'd like to share with our clients:
1. Always obtain a contract with your renovators.  
Quotes are vague and are designed to entice you to choose one contractor over their competitors.  Quotes are not binding and most of the time, the bill ends up in a figure double the size.  Worse yet are the under-the-table guys who will do a quick and dirty job for a fraction of the price.  Not only may you compromise quality, but you will loose out on your ability to file your HST Renovation Rebate.  For the rebate filing, you will need invoices from legitimate business owners who have a HST business registration number with CRA.  As a homeowner, proper documentation is required not only for filing for the HST Rebate but also for other important items like warranties.
Ontario's provincial government has in place a law called the Consumer Protection Act that is relevant to homeowners who are renovating. Most notably, this act protects you if you enter a contract with those you have hired to do your renovation.  Unless you have otherwise agreed to and signed a change order, then the final bill cannot legally fall more than 10 per cent above the price you two originally agreed upon.  
2.  Talk to us about filing for your HST renovation rebate.
We are a team of accountants who will file your HST Renovation Rebate for your renovated primary residence and get you up to $16,300 back from CRA.  Maximum rebate for building on vacant land is $24,000.  Our clients must be undertaking a "substantial" renovation which is defined by renovating down to the studs or increasing the square footage of your house (by ~90%, such as adding a 2nd story).  Talk to us now about how you can stay organized so we're ready to file for your renovation rebate as soon as possible.  Email us at or call 1.866.832.1990.  
3. Ensure your hired help is Insured.
Building a new house or renovating your home comes with inherent risk. We highly suggest a detailed contract be in place between you and your contractor that should include insurance policies the contractor has in place for their own workers and for sub-contractors. Liability insurance is also a must in order to cover any injuries or damage caused during construction and remodeling.  All your contractor's employers should be covered by Worker's Compensation programs too. As your contractor to view their insurance paper work and policies.
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5 years ago
Awesome - sending this to my brother who is renovating his house. How awesome would it be for him to get thousands back.

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