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Thanks for closing my condo at The Carlaw!

I was convinced by my real estate agent to invest in Toronto's east end in a building called The Carlaw.  It was my first ever investment condo and I bought it off plans for a builder.  I was incredibly confused by the concept of HST applied to the purchase and unsure exactly ...
Best neighborhoods for afforable houses in Toronto

Best neighborhoods for afforable houses in Toronto

By HST Relief0 comments
Hey first time homebuyers!  Are you astounded at the home prices in Toronto when shopping the market or cruising MLS?  Even worse is the fact that many homes sell thousands over asking price.  Here is a list of the top 4 best neighbourhoods to get the best bang for ...

HST and purchasing under a numbered company

627.jpgBy SofiaACortez0 comments
Hello,   My real estate agent told me that if I purchase a new condo with her and close it in a company name, that I will not owe any HST on closing.  Is this true?  Please confirm as it ...AnswerNo, this is not true.  Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there on the subject of HST as applied to new construction.    The only time that there is not a portion ...
We are your Renovation and New Home HST experts

We are your Renovation and New Home HST experts!

By HST Relief0 comments
There are so many trendy new neighbourhoods popping up in Toronto (and across Ontario for that matter!).  It's an exciting time to be a Torontonian and many homebuyers are purchasing in older, but gentrified neighbourhoods of Toronto.  For those of you that find yourself ...

HST Rebate experts

Thanks to these guys, HST Rebate experts, I got back $24k that I didn't know I was entitled too.  They liaised with CRA on my behalf, completed the filing and got my money back.  For my next investment purchase, I will rely on the HST rebate experts to recover my money!  ...
Preconstruction condo investing in Toronto

Preconstruction condo investing in Toronto

By DonnaLLady0 comments
I am considering purchasing another condo from a builder, since my first has been such a wonderful investment.  I am pleased with the rental income that I am making and also the capital appreciation.  ...AnswerHi Donna,   Where to invest is always a personal choice.  There are a few key tenants we recommend you keep in mind.  Here are some brief tips:    - Real estate value tends to ...
HST for a Brampton townhouse

HST for a Brampton townhouse?

By SanjeevDD0 comments
Hi,    I have bought a Brampton townhouse, but will end up using it as an investment and not moving in.  Do all these same principles described above apply to my townhouse purchase in Brampton?   Many ...AnswerGood question - the HST New Housing Rebate process applies to all new construction, whether it is a new condo, new house or new townhome built across Ontario.  Remember that there is also HST Rebates ...

Do I qualify for the HST Rebate? How much HST did I pay?

By DonnaLLady0 comments
I am not sure if I paid HST when I closed on my condo.  Where in my paper work can I find our how much HST I paid?AnswerGreat question.  When it comes time to closing a new property, there are several expenses paid when you bring that final cheque to your lawyer's office, including builder fees, levies, lawyer's fees, ...

Brampton house and HST

By HussainiMalik0 comments
Can you help me with my HST paid?  I bought a Brampton house with the intention of moving there with my wife.  I told my lawyer that I would move there on closing, but after the closing date, ...AnswerYes, CRA will come back and ask you to pay HST if they find out that you purchased a new build, new construction property and did not move into it as our primary residence.  Sometimes, there are thousands ...
Closing my condo with HST

Closing my condo with HST

My real estate agent put us in touch with HST Relief during our occupancy period at 18 Abelle Street in Toronto - the Urbancorp condos at Edge on Triangle Park.  We are very grateful that they were able to set us up with a loan to pay the HST on closing.  The also filed ...

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