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Can I rent my new condo on AirBnB and get the HST rebate

Can I rent my new condo on AirBnB and get the HST rebate?

By SheliaMcDermQ&A0 comments
I have just got possession of a new construction condo that I have purchased uptown at Yonge and Eglington.  I realize that I will have to pay HST upon closing because I will not live there.  ...AnswerTechnically, the New Residential Rental Rebate program is for purchasers who rent their new construction properties with 1 year leases.  If you send in documentation showing that you rent it on AirBnB, ...
My uncle in India bought a Toronto condo - How does HST work for a foreign investor

My uncle in India bought a Toronto condo - How does HST work for a foreign investor?

Hello,   My uncle is in Mumbai and has bought a condo in Toronto.  It's obviously an investment and I may move in.  What are the HST implications?  Does he have to pay it as a foreign ...AnswerForeign investors are subject to the same HST rules as Canadians - if they or an immediate family member are going to move in (excludes nephews; includes parents, siblings, spouses, children and adopted ...
Planning to sell after I get my HST Rebate

Planning to sell after I get my HST Rebate

By SanjeevDDQ&A1 comments
Hello,   I will need to reclaim my HST on a new condo that I have purchased in Scarborough.  But, I will need the money out of this investment to buy a house.  My plan is to sell this investment ...AnswerBe very careful - when you receive your HST New Residential Rental Rebate for a new construction condo that you are renting out, the Notice of Assessment for the rebate comes with a statements saying that ...

HST loc saved my condo!

Thanks to the HST relief team for helping to save my investment.  I bought a condo at the SQ Tridel building at Queen Street and Spadina.  I was able to close it as an investment by taking the HST line of credit with this company.  I really appreciate the fact that ...

How much should I have ready to pay in HST?

By DavidACondoMan0 comments
I have a condo that I signed an APS for $341,900.  How much should I set aside to pay in HST?AnswerIf your new construction condo is not going to be your primary residence, but an investment property, then you should expect to pay about $25,350.00 in HST on the closing date.   Call us at ...

Help with HST and condo investing

By DavidACondoMan0 comments
Hi,   This is wonderful information.  I appreciate the explanation and the tips.  I will be referring my clients to speak with the agents at HST Relief and encouraging them to use your loan and filing services.   I wanted to note, generally, as a Broker of Record ...
How Does HST Affect My New Condo Closing logo HSTRelief 03(1)

How Does HST Affect My New Condo Closing?

By Aaron Chowdhury0 comments
The vast majority of real estate developers in Ontario include the HST in the sale price of new condo when they release their new developments for sale to the general public -- but, NOT thte HST Rebate protion of the HST.   This is because the Purchase Agreement is written ...
HST What Does It Mean for Condo Investments logo HSTRelief 03(3)

HST: What Does It Mean for Condo Investments?

By Aaron Chowdhury0 comments
If you have been reading the articles posted by our company, HST Relief, you likely have a good understanding of how the HST New Housing Rebate and the New Residential Rental Property Rebates work. If not, have a look at this brief article here to get up to speed.   The ...

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